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How to Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone | How to Increase Testosterone

Watch on YouTube here: How to Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone | How to Increase Testosterone
Welcome to my video How to Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone.
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Human growth hormone has been shown to make your hair and nails grow faster while reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Want to stay young forever? Learn how to keep your HGH levels high to the slow aging process.

WHEN GUYS REACH 30 years old, they enter a period known as “son autopause,” where human growth hormone levels start to drop profoundly. But, thankfully, you’ve got options. There’s a way to take control of your HGH production naturally and through the use of both alternative and synthetic sources.

Our natural HGH production peaks during adolescence. Because there’s a greater need for cell regrowth as we get older, people try various methods for increased HGH levels well after they’ve graduated into adulthood.

1. Exercise and Diet
The most natural way to boost your growth hormone levels and start looking and feeling younger is to sweat! HGH can be released as a result of high-intensity interval training. Your body will produce HGH during the short, active rest in between fast and hard bursts of cardio.

Working out hard in 30-second intervals, breaking a sweat, and running short of breath is the easiest way to trigger HGH production. “After a high-intensity workout, muscle damage occurs. The pituitary gland secretes elevated HGH to repair these damaged muscles,” says Robert Hanrahan, head strength and condition coordinator at George Mason University.

2. Oral Supplements
Orally ingested pills claiming to re-create the growth hormone production levels of your youth are readily available on the market. The package looks convincing, but what most people don’t know is that there is no “HGH pill” that actually contains human growth hormone. Ingesting synthetic or even natural HGH will do nothing to increase levels in the body.

3. Topical Creams
Testosterone cream is real and often effective for improving libido, muscle mass, and sexual performance in both men and women. However, products labeled “topical HGH cream” are another story.

There’s little evidence to substantiate that they amount to anything. While some HGH creams contain plant growth hormone, there is no research showing any benefit to humans. The aim of testosterone cream is to replace the body’s naturally depleting testosterone levels. While topical testosterone is available only via a doctor’s co-sign, HGH creams are sold through online vendors and considered by many to be a scam.

4. Injections
Arguably the most effective way to raise your HGH levels is an injection. Provided there is a doctor’s prescription, you can legally obtain and use human growth hormone to help speed along recovery after a severe surgery or injury. However, illegally obtaining and self-injecting HGH is highly illegal, and self-prescribing is a bad idea.

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