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Ways to Boost Testosterone Quickly | How to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone, as the name suggests relates to the Testes every man has. Surprisingly it is also present in females albeit in marginal values yet work the same way like in their counterparts. It plays vital parts in twin functions: increase libido, hair growth, and muscle mass and some less-talked-about function like bone density, red blood cells production and a general sense of wellness.

With all these capabilities in front, everyone wishes to keep this hormone in maximum possible quantity but few succeed in their efforts.

But once past the age of 30, the very level starts to slide and one should not spare any effort to arrest this slide and try boosting the levels with anything possible.

How to boost Testosterone Level Naturally?
Well, there are various methods to get it done naturally. We will show them one by one and you can pick the one that suits your capabilities:

1. Lose Weight
Studies always show some way out for myriad problems. The first natural way to boost testosterone is to lose weight. Overweight men most probably have low testosterone levels and this trick is the most helpful to bring it back to the peak levels enjoyed by your body.

One helpful tip is to cut down on coal and other desserts like pastries, fruit juice so as to reduce your sugar intake, the major reason for excess weight.

2. Intense but Short Duration Exercising
Research shows that short duration but intense exercising boosts up the testosterone levels not seen earlier. Intense exercises also reduce your weight and this acts two times better.

3. Include Foods that contain Zinc
Zinc boosts testosterone production and just six weeks supplementation shows a remarkable rise in this T levels. A survey concludes that around 45 percent of adults above 60 have fewer zinc intakes and it could be squarely blamed on the diet. Vegetarians suffer the most as they have the tendency to overcook the veggies compared to those eating meats and fish which retain their zinc content.

The best way out is to use zinc supplement, providing just below 40 mg a day, the recommended upper limit. Anything above this limit and your body may be deprived of other minerals like copper as excess zinc suppresses your body’s absorbing ability.

4. Meditate and Reduce Stress
Today’s fast paced life raises our stress levels. High-stress levels force our body to release Cortisol, the stress hormone. You may have noticed that under stress, aggression and mating become difficult. Stress can come from various sources like office work, homely relations, inability to gain weight etc. You want to avoid stress for longer durations and meditation comes as a sure shot remedy.

Meditation, positive visualization helps you create a visual image of how you would like to feel and this thought process forces our brain to create biological and neurological changes. With these separate exit gates, stress jumps out and it can boost testosterone level naturally.

5. Make Whey Protein and Resistance Training Part of Your Daily Routine
Whey protein
is essential for bodybuilding and it contains BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acid. Research suggests that this BCAA helps increase the testosterone levels but only when you combine with resistance training. Just ensure that the Whey Protein supplement you choose should provide adequate amounts of BCAA and that too in right proportions.

There is just one extra need here; consume protein from other sources too like cottage cheese, eggs so that other vitamins and minerals also become part of your diet.

Testosterone helps us keep our sexual cycle intact, a behavioral aspect we cannot afford to lose. Maintaining it naturally is the best way to go ahead. The more sedentary lifestyle we adopt, the more we tend to lose this vital hormone. Everyone needs to learn this aspect and maintain an active lifestyle which includes exercising, eating right, walking and sleeping in right proportions.


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