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Testosterone XL Protocol Review

While the differing sexual characteristics of the sexes may be dictated at a genetic level, the expression of them is caused by the secretion of two very powerful hormones. In the female body, the secondary sexual characteristics are caused by the release of estrogen, but in the male body, testosterone is responsible for almost all of the characteristics that define masculinity.

Referred to as the “male hormone”, testosterone performs many different functions in the body. Testosterone is directly responsible for the rate at which the body is able to generate new lean muscle mass, the strength of muscle tissue, hair growth, cognitive function, moods, behavior, libido, and sexual health. High testosterone levels cause a wide range of health benefits and massively boost virility.

The applications of testosterone aren’t simply limited to physical characteristics, however. Individuals with high testosterone levels have been clinically demonstrated in psychological investigations to exhibit higher patterns of “alpha male” behavior and are more assertive in the social hierarchy. The testosterone levels of the male body also interact with the release of male pheromones- men with higher testosterone levels have been clinically proven to be more attractive to women in randomized trials.

Long term statistical analysis of the testosterone levels of the male population over the last 30 years, however, have revealed a startling and concerning fact- the testosterone levels of the average man have been declining at a steady rate. The testosterone production of the male body experiences a slow drop in testosterone naturally from the age of 20 onwards, losing between 2% and 4% in testosterone production efficiency every year, but a number of factors have been proven to accelerate this rate.

As a result, the modern man has dangerously low testosterone levels by the age of 30. Low testosterone levels manifest as a wide range of negative health impacts, slowing down the metabolism, increasing body fat percentage, lowering strength and endurance, and causing the development of female secondary sexual characteristics through high estrogen levels.

One of the most damaging aspects of low testosterone, however, is the influence it has on behavior. Low testosterone levels are linked with passive, “beta male” behavioral patterns that cause men to avoid confrontation, elevate depression levels, and defer to other men with higher testosterone levels. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, it’s likely that you have low testosterone levels.

Fortunately, a groundbreaking new total body hormonal boosting system is making it possible to significantly boost testosterone production at any age without the use of steroids, injections, or other unnatural synthetic solutions. The Testosterone XL Protocol is a revolutionary new guide that shows readers how modern society is designed to destroy the testosterone production of the male body, and how to completely reverse the process, massively boosting natural testosterone production.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Testosterone XL Protocol and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right testosterone boosting system for you.

What is the Testosterone XL Protocol?

The Testosterone XL Protocol is a new natural hormonal balancing system that has been formulated from the ground up to reset the testosterone producing capacity of the male body in just 13 days, delivering increased lean muscle mass, higher libido, assertive behavior, and an alpha male presence.

The Testosterone XL Protocol is focused on educating men about the most common causes of low testosterone and how to avoid them, as well as providing highly effective techniques, dietary tips, and supplementation protocols that massively enhance natural testosterone levels.

The Testosterone XL Protocol guide identifies some of the most obvious causes of low testosterone production, such as municipal tap water, which is saturated with estrogen due to the widespread use of the contraceptive pill. The guide also provides advice on avoiding lesser-known hormonal disruptors, such as chemicals that damage the endocrine system, xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens, and estrogenic compounds.

How the Testosterone XL Protocol Works

The Testosterone XL Protocol is able to boost testosterone levels by as much as 40% by completely reprogramming the way the endocrine system manufactures hormones. Firstly, the Testosterone XL Protocol shows readers what foods and substances to avoid in order to eliminate estrogen conversion and hormonal disruptors that slow testosterone production.

Secondly, the Testosterone XL Protocol provides a significant amount of information on increasing testosterone levels naturally with potent supplements. Instead of testosterone replacement therapy, which is extremely expensive and actually shuts down the natural manufacture of testosterone in the body, the Testosterone XL Protocol provides a step by step guide on how to multiply the rate at which new testosterone is created organically

There are many solutions on the market today that claim to be able to increase testosterone levels through the use of natural herbal supplements, but, in most cases, the ingredients used in these supplements can be purchased separately at a far lower price. The Testosterone XL Protocol focuses on educating readers on where to find these ingredients and how to use them to dramatically increase strength, libido, power, and assertiveness.

What the Testosterone XL Protocol Includes

Apart from the Testosterone XL Protocol Food Guide and Supplement Guide, Testosterone XL offers three bonus resources that work in synergy with the Testosterone XL Protocol.

The first bonus, The Language of Love, educates readers on 50 proven erotic phrases that are able to cause the secretion of love chemicals that induce extreme lust in the female mind.

The second bonus, Go All Night, provides scientifically proven techniques that deliver a higher and more efficient level of blood flow to the penis, increasing penile strength and erection power. Lastly, the Sleep Boosting Bible shows readers how to naturally boost melatonin levels to gain restorative and restful sleep, further increasing testosterone levels.

The Testosterone XL Protocol Verdict

The Testosterone XL Protocol is one of the only testosterone boosting systems that breaks down all of the pseudoscience and fabrications pushed by the testosterone replacement therapy and supplement industries. Able to almost double testosterone production in less than two weeks, the Testosterone XL Protocol is available for download as a digital eBook package at any time.

If you suffer from low testosterone and struggle to assert yourself physically, socially, or sexually, the Testosterone XL Protocol is one of the most helpful solutions available.


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