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TestMax Nutrition Recipes - 3 Best Foods For A Natural T Boost

Watch on YouTube here: TestMax Nutrition Recipes - 3 Best Foods For A Natural T Boost
Receive The TestMax Nutrition "Magnesium Man Bowl" Recipes By Signing Up Here: How's it going, everyone? It’s day 3 of the "TestMax Takeover” week with the lovely Brooke Stacey and me, Clark Bartram. Today we’re going to go over the 3 best foods for boosting your testosterone. If you didn't get a chance to check out our delicious testosterone-boosting Magnesium Man Bowl recipe either, not a problem! Make sure to act now going to and signing up! I want to start off today by first going over one of the biggest testosterone-boosting misconceptions. When we older men over 40 think of ways of boosting testosterone, an image of a big, buff man injecting shots of hormones into his body comes to mind. I’m talking about testosterone replacement therapy or TRT - the most popular form of UNNATURAL hormone enhancement out there. I want you guys to understand that once you start this form of treatment, it makes it much harder for your body to naturally get back to producing testosterone on its own. And since this is a method that typically is prescribed by your healthcare provider, TRT should be seen as a form of LONG-TERM care. Boost Your Testosterone Naturally With Workouts Today: Now I have something to tell you all at home: You can actually start to skyrocket your test levels naturally without EVER touching a dumbbell. That all starts with a trip to the grocery store and grabbing these "TestMax Nutrition Recipes" 3 test-boosting foods: 4:18 - Cruciferous Vegetables: These foods are rich in indole-3-carbinol - a precursor to diindolylmethane that helps with the production of GOOD estrogen levels which helps the body to maintain healthy testosterone levels. These foods include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and turnips. 6:23 - Blueberries: Not only do these berries taste good, they are a test-boosting powerhouse. Blueberries contain calcium-d-glucarate that can help rid the body of toxins and reduce excess estrogen. Resveratrol - an anti-aromatase that also has an estrogen-lowering effect is also found in blueberries. 7:28 - Grass-fed Beef: My #1 choice for a testosterone-boosting protein that is high-quality and packed full of amino acids the good saturated fats needed to boost test levels. I understand that there are some guys out there skeptical of eating red meat in association to heart disease but let me just say right now that there is NO association between saturated fats causing cardiovascular disease. To read further into the studies done on saturated fats here is the article from the British Medical Journal: Some of you might be asking yourself: “Do I have to eat only this boring, bland food to get the health benefits?” The answer is NO. I’m a firm believer in food being meant to be enjoyed, so I worked hard to come up with flavorful, nutrient-packed recipes designed to boost testosterone. If you’re on a diet that just leaves you feeling unsatisfied and miserable, then you’re on the WRONG diet. To make sure you guys are incorporating test-boosting and delicious foods into your diet, I’m going to give you guys at home today my FREE recipe using delicious, grass-fed beef for my “Man-Maker” Roadhouse Chilli. Submit Your Info Today To Boost Your Testosterone With Our “Man-Maker” Roadhouse Chilli Recipe: Yesterday on the takeover we went over "TestMax Nutrition Recipes" the top 5 testosterone-boosting nutrients every man should be getting in their diet. Make sure to head over and check us out from


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