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TestMax Nutrition | 3 Sneaky Things That Are KILLING Your Testosterone

Watch on YouTube here: TestMax Nutrition | 3 Sneaky Things That Are KILLING Your Testosterone
Sign Up To Receive TestMax Nutrition The “Man-Maker” Roadhouse Chili Recipe Here: Today we’re going to go over the 3 sneaky things that are literally KILLING your testosterone. Just like there are foods that are packed full of nutrients to help your testosterone levels, there are also foods out there that work against you, HURTING your test levels that affect having a lean physique, energy levels, and your sex drive. As you guys know, men approaching and over the age over 40 have testosterone levels that naturally decrease every year. If you add this natural decline in testosterone from aging with poor food choices the results can be devastating to your hormone health. Today Brooke and Clark Bartram are going to go over "TestMax Nutrition" 3 different factors that are hiding in your foods and in the materials you are handling every day that is contributing towards depressed and decreased testosterone levels. Let’s get started: 2:02 - Soy: Being one of the most widely consumed foods, soy is actually hidden in the ingredients of many foods we don’t tend to notice. Soy contains phytoestrogen that is found in plants - similar to human estrogen with similar estrogenic effects on the male body. To avoid this issue, check the labels on the foods you are purchasing. Since your testosterone is naturally decreased due to aging, having the right balanced diet becomes vital to promote your hormone health to lose body fat and be healthy. 6:34 - Dairy: Science has shown us hormone-related cancers have a correlation in populations that consume large amounts of dairy. Milk is a byproduct of a woman, therefore you are LITERALLY getting estrogen straight from the source. Dairy can cause inflammation which is the basis of all sickness. The casein protein found in dairy decreases the body's ability to use anti-inflammatory phytochemicals found in food, therefore is considered pro-inflammatory. When your body becomes inflamed, say in your intestines, for example, the body releases cortisol - the body’s stress hormone that unfortunately will utilize chemicals in the body necessary to also produce testosterone. When it comes to dairy consumption, be conscious of portions and amounts of things like milk, cheese, yogurt, and creams - moderation is key. You can start today by reducing to 3-5 dairy servings per week. 12:09 - Plastic: Xenoestrogens are found in plastics that studies have shown mess with the endocrine system, resulting in an estrogenic response and effects within the body such as weight gain and mood swings. A great way to decrease the use of plastic is to switch from plastic to glass containers. BPA found in plastic is a potent testosterone disruptor that studies have shown to result in erectile dysfunction, libido, and mood disorders. Use of plastic in addition to naturally depressed testosterone due to aging only amplifies these effects. I want you guys to understand that there are accommodations that can be made so you aren’t making abrupt changes to your typical diet as it stands. I understand that you can’t drop certain habits overnight. Instead, start making certain choices and tweaks to get on track to supporting your male hormone health and boost up your natural testosterone levels up. That’s why I’ve come up with the TestMax Nutrition System and am so excited to bring it to you come Monday, January 2nd. Acquire "TestMax Nutrition" Testosterone-Boosting Health Checklist Now By Signing Up Today: Visit my TestMax Nutrition Other Video Here:


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