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Abs After 40 | What Guys Over 40 Need To Do Differently To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

Watch on YouTube here: Abs After 40 | What Guys Over 40 Need To Do Differently To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs
How men over 40 can get a toned, defined six-pack: Hey guys, in today’s video I’m going to tell you what men over 40 need to do DIFFERENTLY from younger guys in order to get to six pack abs. You may ask, well why do we need to do things differently? Well guys - there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to workouts and nutrition - especially if we are talking about guys in varying age groups. With men over 40, we are talking about a whole new set of rules. Different metabolisms, different mobility, and different hormone levels. You can’t just follow any YouTube video meant for younger guys and expect that it will work for you. This is one of the main reasons why most men over 40 are in bad shape. They try workout advice that is meant for younger guys or meant for bodybuilders and they get injured, discouraged and may even just flat out give up... Now this is where I'm stepping in. In this video I’ll be telling you exactly what you need to do differently as an older guy to finally develop a visible, toned six pack. -- Video Breakdown: 1:09 - Tip 1: Your workouts must be specifically designed to support and boost Your Testosterone. One of the biggest reasons why guys 40 and up don't get the results they are looking for when they embark on their fitness journey is because they aren't performing exercises that are built to optimize their growth hormones and T-level. Here's how to change that: Start performing multi-joint exercises, guys. Multi-joint exercises such as body weight squats or lunges require multiple muscle groups to fire simultaneously - This triggers your body to ramp up your testosterone production in order to support the compound muscle activation from these types of movements. 3:15 - Tip 2: Guys over 40 must avoid sit-ups, crunches, or anything that puts strain on the neck or spine. Most generic workout programs contain the same old traditional crunches and sit-ups and I've got to tell you - men over 40 should be avoiding these outdated movements at all costs. They simply are a waste of time - Believe me, I've been there and done that. This is exactly why the "A-40 set" is such a huge breakthrough for guys like us - I've created an ab routine that targets every section of your abdomen: Your obliques, rectus and even the deepest abdominal layer, your transversus. I've done this by utilizing 4 specific exercises that are done back to back to create the ultimate high intensity, low impact core burn. The A-40's are a huge feature to what makes the Abs After 40 program such a successful six pack accelerator. 4:15 - Tip 3: If you really want abs, you need to avoid high impact cardio. High impact cardio yields a higher risk of injury and truly yields no benefits beyond what low impact cardio can offer the body... Now here are a couple great ways to do just that: You can get the fat-burning benefits of cardio while doing resistance training by varying your REST periods between exercises... The shorter you make your rest periods between exercises, the greater your heart rate will be which means more overall calories burned. Now be sure to look out for a new video tomorrow, where I’ll be taking you through a first-hand look at my six pack secret weapon, the "A-40" set. -- How older men can boost their testosterone naturally and get in shape in record time: Be sure you guys stay tuned in to Six Pack Shortcuts because tomorrow I will be demonstrating what my "A-40" core set looks like - It's low impact, non-impactful on the neck and spine and best of all: it targets every area of your midsection in under 90 seconds... You won't want to miss this! To drop body fat fast and reveal your six pack, check this out: See you guys there! -Mark Visit my Abs After 40 Other Video Here:


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